Why Plan?

Regardless of your financial situation, everyone deserves sound financial planning. Let us help you get started.

Six Steps to a Successful Plan
DISCOVERY- For a good financial relationship to succeed, it is important to have a shared goal and a vision of how that goal will be reached.

During discovery, we ask you about your life, your work, your family, your feelings about money, your risk tolerance, and your current finances. This will help develop a clear understanding of your goals so we can effectively determine how best to achieve them. We answer any questions you might have, and provide information about our firm – our background, our team, our services, and most importantly, what we can do to help you.
We are confident you will want to get started with us right away. During the time you may take to think it over, know that there is absolutely no obligation to become a client after your first meeting with us. Any information you share with us is considered completely confidential, and any contact we make after your initial meeting is to make sure we have provided the best service possible.

ASSESSMENT- Once we review your goals and gather your financial data, we create a customized Financial Plan specific to you and your goals.
– A snapshot of your current financial picture, including cash flow and net worth
– An objective summary, such as retirement, education funding, and lifestyle goals
– An analysis of the likelihood of meeting those goals with your current strategy
– Written recommendations for adjusting your strategy to achieve your goals
– Your entire current snapshot restated with our recommendations, so you can easily see the potential impact of the proposed changes
REALIZATION – We will now help you put your Financial Plan into action.
This phase may involve:
– Establishing new accounts, such as retirement, education or lifestyle investment accounts
– Reallocating or making adjustments to accounts you already have
– Setting up periodic banking, savings and investment strategies
– Working with you to manage debt and/or create a household budget
– Planning for emergencies, adding or increasing insurance coverage, or fine-tuning your estate plan. 
COMMUNICATION – Open and honest communication is a cornerstone of our practice and client relationships
That is why, once you have set your plan in motion, we will contact you for an appointment to discuss your accounts and savings plans, to review statements and correspondence, and to address any outstanding questions you may have.
After your realization meeting, our team will ask you how often and in what way you prefer to be contacted for routine communications, such as appointment scheduling or account servicing. If you ever have a question, please feel free to contact us at any time.
RECONNECTION – Congratulations! You have developed a Financial Plan, implemented recommendations, read your statements, and feel comfortable knowing you have a team of professionals serving your best interests.
However, even the most comprehensive financial plan cannot – and should not – run on autopilot. That is why our team will reconnect with you regularly for Financial Plan updates. How has your life changed since you last met with us? Have your goals changed as a result? Have you achieved any short-term goals that you can now cross off your list and look forward to something new?
There may be course corrections to make, or none at all, but it is important we stay connected.
RECIPROCATION – As part of our mission, we strive to reinforce and strengthen the ties we made with our clients from the first day they came to see us, through superior service, open communication, and a sense of appreciation that you have chosen us to help you with some of the most important decisions in your life.
As part of our desire to give back, we host many events throughout the year, including free seminars with valuable information on personal finance, as well as open house nights so you can get to know us better in a fun and relaxed setting.
To reinforce our commitment to strong client relationships and serving our community, we will periodically ask you for help. It may be an email requesting feedback about us, informing you about a charity with which we are involved, or perhaps to ask you if you know someone who could use our help. We do this to make our practice the best it can be, by allocating minimal resources to mass advertising so we can devote more of our attention to better serve our clients and our community.

Importance of Sound Planning
Whether you are faced with a challenging financial crisis or an unexpected windfall, the absolute worst thing you can do for you and your family in each case is nothing. Let Hathaway Financial Group help to remove the obstacles to your financial success.
CHANGE YOUR DEFINITION OF WEALTH – The paradox of wealth is that it is highly esteemed in our culture, but is rarely discussed on a personal level, so very few of us feel secure in our own financial life.
We believe that regardless of what your assets are worth now, we can help you build true wealth – security, independence, and happiness – through a customized plan suiting who you are.
MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF YOUR TIME – For many individuals, the prospect of even finding the time to gather the information on all their financial holdings and activities seems overwhelming.
With just an hour or two of your time, we can develop a snapshot of your current finances and create a plan that can take you through every step of your life.
GAIN KNOWLEDGE, NOT JUST INFORMATION – The unfortunate downside of living in a world full of information is that the average person can be easily misinformed or misled. More importantly, what is available to the general public may not be suited to you and your unique situation.
We take the time to get to know you, develop a customized plan based on your needs, and work with you at your speed to implement changes.
KEEP YOUR FINANCIAL GOALS IN FOCUS – In times of crisis, it is easy to lose sight of what is important.
When we develop your plan, we utilize all the tools at our disposal to keep your plan on track, from creating an emergency savings plan to building portfolios designed to weather changing market and economic conditions.
STAY MOTIVATED – AND SUCCEED – Procrastination is the greatest obstacle to financial success.
We coach our clients through the entire planning process and follow up with them regularly to implement their action plans. Our sincere desire is to make a difference in your life and to see you reach your goals.
Progress of a Plan
We have created hundreds of financial plans recognizing that each is as unique as our clients. Having a plan demonstrates where you are today and the changes you can make as you become aware of your goals and the many steps needed to achieve financial success.
There are many pieces to a solid financial plan that continually change as your needs and abilities change as well. Excerpts from a mock financial plan are below demonstrating the progress you can make to live an enriched life. 

Cash Flow

Capturing your income, expenses, liabilities, taxes, and savings identifies the monthly opportunity to set aside funds strategically toward your goals. It is all about the ‘discipline’ and may reflect areas to adjust expenses and savings based on your priorities. 

Net Worth

We identify the assets and liabilities you have accumulated to date to identify the changes that are needed based on interest rates and values to make sure that your funds are where they need to be to be successful with your goals and timeframes.

Lifestyle Goals

By identifying the goals as you know them, the dollar value you are trying to achieve, and the time duration for each, you have a clearer picture of how your Cash Flow and Net Worth may need to be modified so you can accomplish financial success and live an enriched life.


The next piece pulls together your priorities, goals, risk tolerance, and financial ability by providing a written explanation of the concepts you can take to achieve your goals strategically.

Proposed Plan
Our motto is ‘Live for today, but plan for tomorrow’ so we take this into consideration as we restate your current financial picture with our recommendations in place. By doing this, you will see the impact of adjusting your financial approach to accomplish goals while still living the life you desire today.
Check List

The last piece provides a clear and brief recap of the action items needed to begin implementing your plan. Think of it as a check list to financial freedom.

Reviews and Updates
As everyone’s financial abilities and goals change; it is beneficial to periodically update your financial plan to help keep you on track. While we recommend doing this annually, you will determine how often based on adjustments to your income, expenses, goals, and timeframes.

Meeting Preparation
Our fillable Financial Plan Profile guides you through the important first step of gathering information for your Financial Plan. The Meeting Preparation Checklist can help you make the most of your time with us, whether it is your first meeting or you have been a longtime client.
Financial Plan Profile Meeting Preparation Checklist


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