Who We Are

Our mission is to provide our clients and community with simplified solutions to an enriched life. We measure our success by the goals we set and achieve together.

John Hathaway

John Hathaway, CFS, RFC


  • Discusses and develops financial plans with clients
  • Consults with clients on all financial matters
  • Provides planning recommendations and implements changes
  • Manages portfolios, suggests adjustments, and executes trades
  • Monitors the financial markets for potential impact on investments
  • Facilitates estate and tax planning

      Background & Credentials

  • Degrees in Finance and Economics
  • 14 years in corporate management positions in finance, accounting, and customer service
  • Independent Advisor of Money Concepts since 2003
  • Licensed to offer non-proprietary securities and investment options as well as insurance
  • Serves over 300 households totaling over $95 million in assets under management
  • Certified Fund Specialist® since 2005
  • Registered Financial Consultant® since 2013

Heather Blanchard

Heather Blanchard

Practice Development Manager

  • Follows through on complex client inquiries
  • Oversees appointment scheduling and appointment follow-up
  • Assists clients with data gathering for financial plan updates
  • Coordinates marketing efforts and special events, such as seminars
  • Manages client service initiatives and projects

Background & Credentials

  • Since 1999, financial services as licensed sales assistant
  • Hathaway Financial Group Practice Development Manager since 2009
  • Notary Public

Christine Terranova

Christine Terranova

Client Relationship Manager

  • Serves as primary source of contact for clients
  • Maintains client accounts and provides technical support
  • Assists in resolution of client inquiries
  • Coordinates client appreciation events
  • Manages daily office operations
  • Background & Credentials

    • Office management experience since 1999
    • Since 2002, client relationship manager and bookkeeper
    • Joined Hathaway Financial Group in 2010

Our Philosophy

Society teaches us to work hard to earn a living. Our freedoms allow us to dream. Our beliefs and values shape our priorities. It is our pledge to help tie these important aspects of your life together. The most important part of our organization is you, as everyone deserves sound planning.

When our business started in 2003, we set out to ensure an approach and business model that serves our clients and the community well. Every day, we commit to being honest, genuine, and sincere in everything we do. We utilize a safety-first method, which combines experienced money managers with a sound investment strategy developed specifically for you!

By capitalizing on a winning combination of quality service and an ideal portfolio of investments, you can achieve financial success. We will guide you and provide confidence for every step in life.

What We Do

We are more than just an investment and portfolio management company; we provide simplified solutions for an enriched life. We pride ourselves on truly getting to know our clients to ensure that we work with them to achieve their goals. As we strengthen our relationship with our clients, there are many components to what we do uniquely for each person.

Why Plan
We have created hundreds of financial plans recognizing that each is as unique as our clients. Having a plan demonstrates where you are today and the changes you can make as you become aware of your goals and the many steps needed to achieve financial success.
There are many pieces to a solid financial plan that continually change as your needs and abilities change as well. Creating, reviewing, and updating your plan can be a valuable tool as we work together to help you achieve financial success.
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Moving Forward
Whether you need to open an account to accomplish a single goal, or implement a plan to achieve multiple goals, we are here to keep you moving forward in a direction and pace that is right for you. Our experience has shown us that there are many approaches that can be taken along with pros and cons to each. We are here to help you understand your choices and set a strategy that makes sense for you.
Ad-hoc Needs
Job loss… Refinance the mortgage… Car loan or down payment… Financing options for education… These are just some of the day-to-day decisions we face and we encourage our clients to reach out to us for guidance or a second opinion. No matter what you need, we are here for you.
Ongoing Meetings
Communication is the key to our shared success. We will contact you for review meetings on a quarterly, semi-annual, annual, or as-needed basis. You decide what is best.
Portfolio Reviews
We review the performance of your portfolio on a regular basis, and offer in-person meetings at our office or at a mutually convenient location, phone calls, and live web meetings to accommodate your busy schedule. Routine reviews are important to ensuring that your portfolio matches you and your needs.
Asset Allocation Strategies
Every investment has its own risks and rewards. By utilizing a combination of asset classes, we align your portfolios to your risk tolerance, time horizon, personal goals, and unique situation to minimize risk and maximize potential returns.
Performance Monitoring
Adhering to a long-term investment strategy can be challenging when economic and market conditions fluctuate. By utilizing leading market and investment research tools, we continually monitor the performance of your account holdings and recommend adjustments when and where needed.
401(k)/457/403(b) Reviews and Rebalancing
Contributing to a plan alone may not be enough to secure your retirement. We can evaluate your retirement plan and provide guidance on how much you should be contributing, the tax impact, and whether your investment selections are right for your unique situation.


How We Are Compensated
Since we believe everyone deserves sound planning, we offer no-cost consultations. This means you have a chance to meet us and ask questions, learn about our processes, our philosophy, our business composition, review your plan, discuss the account structure options, and decide what is best. Depending on the complexity of your situation and your needs, we can be compensated through:

  1. Advisory Fees: Advisory fees are charged quarterly as a percentage of your account value. This method is most common among financial advisors and within our firm. Your planning fees are waived when you open an “Advisory” account.
  2. Commissions: We also offer commission-based “Direct” accounts, for which we are paid a commission on purchases and in some cases redemptions. This method is also common among full-service brokers, and is also what you will typically encounter with a discount broker and direct mutual fund or annuity company.
  3. Fee for service: A fee may be charged to develop a financial plan and make recommendations only, with the option to have the fees waived should the client decide to open an Advisory account. Fees are based on the complexity of the case and are disclosed in the financial planning contract. This is a common method amongst financial planners, although rare in our practice since most of our clients who complete plans go on to open accounts with us.

We do not bill you for time outside of your agreed-upon fee structure. We only ask that if you have been happy with your experiences, that you share them and refer your friends, family and colleagues. Good relationships are the cornerstone of our business, and we enjoy meeting people and having an opportunity to help. For more information, consult our Planning Solutions brochure or contact us.

Our Client Advisory Board
Our Client Advisory Board helps us gain insight to our clients’ wants and needs, by providing feedback on service, education, business operations, marketing, and public relations. The board consists of existing clients that meet 3-4 times per year and is an integral part of our commitment to service and helping others. Contact us to learn more.
Who Is Money Concepts?

Money Concepts is a worldwide independent broker/dealer comprised of over 750 financial planning offices throughout North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The company was formed in 1979 with the corporate mission of providing professional financial planning for individuals, families and businesses.

Money Concepts Capital and their advisors subscribe to a Corporate Philosophy of: Integrity – We pledge soundness and honesty in all of our dealings. Commitment – We give total attention to the interest of clients in all aspects of business. Fairness – We insist all arrangements work equally well for all parties. Credibility – We associate with non-proprietary products and services that we wholeheartedly believe in. Opportunity – We constantly are alert to changes in markets, products, regulations and the economy.

All securities are offered through Money Concepts Capital Corp., Member FINRA/SIPC. For more information, contact Money Concepts at 11440 North Jog Road, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 or [561] 472-2000.


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