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Convenient one-stop access to the services you use most.

Whether you have been a client of Hathaway Financial Group for years or have just joined us, we encourage you to take a look at the information below for an overview of our services and how we work. If you ever have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us, as we are here to help.
Contact and Meetings
We will periodically contact you to schedule an appointment to review your portfolio, update your financial plan, or both. To make the most of your experience with us, we encourage you to complete and return our Contact Preference Questionnaire. At any time, you are welcome to contact us to schedule a review or plan update meeting. For your convenience, we also have a Meeting Preparation Checklist.
Account Access and Statements
For our brokerage clients, online account information, statements, and tax documents are available through Pershing’s NetXInvestor. See our Client Guide for more information. Not sure what you should be seeing in the mail or online? Documents to Expect provides an overview of the statements generated for different account types.
Access the Client Vault, the free online storage solution from Money Concepts, here. Our Vault Guide, Vault Checklist, and Emergency Questionnaire will help you get started.
In-Service Rollover
Use these instructions to complete your annual in-service rollover. Contact us for more information about this retirement plan benefit.
If you are a Client View subscriber, you can access your latest report via the link found here.
Shared Success Referrals
Our practice has been built on relationships, so we prefer to ask our clients for referrals, rather than divert valuable energy to mass advertising. We enjoy the time we spend with all our clients, and would like to meet others just like you – people who need our help and are seeking honest and genuine service from an independent team of professionals. With our Shared Success referral program, clients have an opportunity to make an impact at several levels when you introduce us to someone new:

Help your referral, by giving them access to the knowledge, experience and service you have come to know and trust.

Help us, by building relationships and strengthening our business.

Help your community. For every referral provided, we will make a donation to your preferred charity.

For more information on making a referral, see Shared Success or contact us.

Advisory Board
Our Client Advisory Board helps us gain insight to our clients’ wants and needs, by providing feedback on service, education, business operations, marketing, and public relations. The board consists of existing clients that meet 3-4 times per year and is an integral part of our commitment to service and helping others. For more information, see HFG Board Roles and Responsibilities or contact us.

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